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Welcome To East Creek

Thanks for stopping by the East Creek website. There's a lot here, and this page is a guide. To stay informed of new classes, firings, and news, please subscribe to our email.

East Creek is a community art center with something for everyone. We have several main functions, including: 

  • Art classes and events for beginners

  • Advanced art classes and retreats

  • Community wood firings

  • Artist residencies

We welcome the public to sign up for any of our posted events. There's no experience level requirement for our workshops- if it sounds interesting to you, go ahead and sign up! Note some of our firing workshops require that you arrive with pieces already made; please read the description thoroughly.

Camping is always free with programming at East Creek; tiny cabin accommodation is available for an extra charge. Cabins can be booked within each event's page. East Creek's supported camping comes with shared toilet and outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen including bbq and stove, and shared fire ring. All you need is your tent setup, we've got the rest!

2022 nwwfc crew.jpg

For Beginners

East Creek offers programming specifically tailored to the beginner or first-timer. The below programming types are our best recommendations for getting started at East Creek. Materials and tools are provided at East Creek; all you need to bring is your creative spirit!

  • One Day Fun Day: Short, single day hands on activities that includes free camping. Each one has a different theme, from "make a mug" to "make a planter"

  • NIGHT RAKU: This evening firing event starts at 4:00p. You can bring pots to fire, or purchase hand made pieces from us. Also included is make-your-own wood fired pizza, BYO toppings. 

  • Workshops for Beginners: All workshops listed as "for beginners" (for example, Wheel Throwing for Beginners) are truly that. Folks with experience are also welcome in beginner workshops, but we'll begin our conversation with the idea that some people may have never touched clay.

For Experienced Artists

East Creek's long form and retreat style programming are perfect for taking your craft to the next level. Whether you seek a maker community, instruction, or coaching, each of our advanced workshops meet you where your skills and interests are. There's no "required lecture" time at East Creek. You can think of workshop programming as a menu to choose from- and to pick only what you like and use your time in the studio as you like. 

  • Masterclass Clay Workshops: Long, retreat style workshops designed for total immersion in your craft. Camp, stay in your conversion vehicle, or rent a tiny cabin for an extra charge. 

  • Advanced Firing Workshops: These workshops often begin in the studio with making time, followed by participation in a wood or gas firing. You will receive robust instruction on kiln operation and will have the opportunity to learn the decision making skills required for firing. We do suggest that you have prior firing knowledge (or have taken a beginners workshop) before signing up for an advanced firing workshop.

  • Residencies: Not all artists require or want instruction; for those, residencies are available. We currently have a funded residency which is filled through 2023. Un-funded residency (pay by the day/week) is available 

For Wood Firing Crew

East Creek's wood firing is where it all started. For almost 40 years, community artists have been firing East Creek's wood burning kilns, including the historic 40' East Creek Anagama, and our new 60 cubic foot wood-soda catenary arch kiln, the ChickenCat. We hope to continue expanding our suite of kilns and serving more artists in the future. 

There is far more interest in joining a wood firing than there is space in the kilns. Historically, the firing community has come together to process wood and maintain the kiln. In keeping with that tradition, and to keep firing pricing accessible for artists, there are two ways to join the East Creek Official Crew. Crew members receive advance notification of crew space. In 2022, we released over 600 cubic feet of space to our firing crews. To get on the crew, you must:

  • Participate in one work day per year: Work days are scheduled in advance and are 10-5. 

  • Support our patreon: In leu of a workday (which we value at $200/day) you can join the crew by supporting our patreon at the level of $17/month. Higher levels of support are available. 

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