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About East Creek


"The anagama kiln (Japanese: 窖窯) is an ancient type of pottery kiln brought to Japan from China via Korea in the 5th century. An anagama (a Japanese term meaning "cave kiln") consists of a firing chamber with a firebox at one end and a flue at the other."

The East Creek Anagama was built in 1983 by Oregon artists Nils Lou, Tom Coleman, and Frank Boyden with the mission to bring ceramic education via wood firing to the west coast. The first of its kind built west of the Mississippi, the kiln and 20 forested acres on which it sits were owned and managed by Nils Lou.  When Nils died unexpectedly, the kiln and property were in limbo. Thanks to a community effort, East Creek Art, LLC, was established with the purpose of continuing the East Creek educational mission and the rich tradition of making.

What's at East Creek?

East Creek is home to a variety of art, food, and fun-making tools, mostly focused around ceramic and sculpture. This includes:

  • 40' East Creek Anagama wood kiln

  • 5,000 Sq. Ft. fully equipped Studio 

  • Bunkhouse With 6 beds

  • 20' A-Frame Cabin, accommodates 5

  • 8x12' Private Tiny Cabin with full bed

  • Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • Games

  • Gas, electric, raku, and pit kilns

  • 17 potter's wheels

  • Full suite of potter's tools and materials

  • Full metal welding shop

  • Full wood shop

  • Kiln Formed Glass studio

Who Are We?

The people at East Creek are members of the craft community hailing from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Orchestrating the operation is Joe Robinson, who has been firing at East Creek since 2005, and his partner Aubrey Sloan, proprietor of Vibrant Pottery. In partnership with his father Rick, Joe owns and operates the East Creek Property. With a background in corporate digital marketing, Joe, Aubrey and team are bringing new life to the East Creek property with investment and activity to ensure East Creek continues its educational mission for years to come. 


Joe Robinson and Aubrey Sloan with a collaboration.

Accommodation Gallery

See below for photos of the property and tiny cabins. We're updating all the time, so y'all come back now!

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