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East Creek Scholarship Program

A learning and professional growth opportunity for early-career artists

Wood Firing Scholarship Program Info


Early to mid-career artists who seek to add wood firing to their career practice. Enrolled students are eligible only if they have a demonstrated professional and sales history and intend to practice professionally upon graduation. Participants must have a financial need. There is no cost to participate or apply.

Award includes:

-1/3 share of "Scholarship Firing" of our new 30cf Catenary Arch wood soda kiln in June (8-10 cubic feet)

-10 cubic feet in fall/winter East Creek Community firings (spread out or all at once)

-Group exhibition at Eutectic Gallery every other year.

2nd Year Selectee:

From every other cohort of 3 scholarship recipients, one will be selected to continue for 2 years and will be responsible for curating the group exhibition at Eutectic Gallery with support of Gallery staff. This curatorial component will also come with documentation and is focused on artists who wish to build curatorial practice. 

Program Reasoning and Goals
We recognize the significant barrier to entry for those who wish to make ceramics a career, even more so with wood fired ceramics. This program is designed to help early career artists get "over the hump" of establishing a body of wood fired work sufficient for marketing and exhibition. That may mean adding wood firing to a practice that does not currently include it, or it may mean an increase in professional wood firing activity and the space to try new or larger forms.

While this is a merit based program which considers the quality of work presented in the application, it's also an opportunity to further East Creek's ongoing diversity goals through creating access to previously underserved folks. 

Application and Award Details
The Application is Currently Closed. Application for the 2025 program will go live on October 15, 2024.

An annual application period will take place each fall.

The application will be available for 4 weeks and programming will begin the following June.

Evaluation and notification will be complete by early January of each year.

Important dates:

October 15: Application live

November 15: Application closed

January 15: Applicants Notified

June: Dedicated Scholarship Cohort firing (dates TBD)

November-March: Redemption period for community firing space

Application Questions:



-Phone Number

-URL or Instagram link

-Physical Address or Residency location

-Artist Statement (will be published)

-Why are you interested in wood firing?

-Why are you interested in working at East Creek?

-How would establishing a body of work benefit your professional practice?

-Do you have a financial need?

-Have you been underserved in other ways due to your race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status or other reasons?

-Anything else we should consider? 


-Resume, CV, or documentation establishing your professionalism.

-3 photos of your work, 500x500px minimum

Award Panelists: 

-Mychelle Moritz, Artist

-Mark Terry, Professor Emeritus, George Fox University

-Joe Robinson, Program Director, East Creek Art

-(Rotating) Previous Year Awardee

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