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East Creek Studio Rentals 

Want to visit East Creek, use our studio, stay in tiny cabins, and generally have a super great time without instruction? You're in the right place! Explore and book our studio rental options below. Studio time takes place in the shared portion of our studio, or in one of our summertime outdoor studio setups at your option. You'll get some private storage space and your own ware cart (rolling shelf) to fill with your creations. You'll have access to a wide variety of ceramic and craft tools. You'll be responsible for paying for consumables on any tool used beyond what's included like blades, welder time, etc. If you are interested in using cost-intensive tools like the MIG welder, please get in touch ( and we'll make a plan that makes sense for your ambitions and budget!


You can make work anywhere on the East Creek property- for midsummer studio offerings we will have at least one studio setup outdoors under the anagama kiln shed. Nightly shared campfire wood is included when fires are allowed. 

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