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Raku, Pit Firing, Obvara and Pizza Extravaganza!

Join the extravaganza! See below for info regarding the event and processes

Raku, Pit Firing, Obvara, and Pizza Extravaganza!

$95/person. Beginner Friendly.

Saturday November 18, 2023

10:00am-4:00pm Lunch Session.

2:00pm-9:00pm Dinner Session.

No experience required for those who purchase pre-made pots!


Bring or buy your bisqued pots and join Joe Robinson and the East Creek Crew at East Creek for a day of raku, pit firing, obvara, and wood fired pizza! Bring your own toppings, dough and sauce are provided. We'll make pizza all day long. Register for the morning session to have lunch pizza, and for the evening session to have dinner pizza!


Bring 6-10 of your bisqued pots to fire one or more ways. Guidance and all required glaze and materials are provided. Take home your raku and obvara pots same day (Nov 18) or stay the night for the pit firing unload on Sunday, November 19- OR return to East Creek on Saturday November 25 to witness the Anagama unloading and pick up your pots. If you don't pit fire, this doesn't apply and you can take your raku pots with you!


Any clay body fired to any bisque temp will work for all three firing methods. Clay with more grit is liklier to survive, and smoother clay is likely to produce brighter colors, especially in pit firing. Our favorite clay is Pipenburg Raku, bisque fired to cone 08-06.


Glaze materials, horse hair and feathers will be available for firing and are included in your fee, as is all instruction and safety management.


Extra handmade pots available to decorate for $20/ea. Please pre-order to ensure availability. 



Raku: Glaze, Horsehair, assorted feathers

Pit firing: All foil, fuel, combustables, and copper and cobalt compounds

Obvara: Obvara liquid will be made and avaialble 


Pizza: Dough and sauce (BYO toppings and drinks)

Accomodation: Camping is free for thos who want to unload the pit firing on Sunday morning, tiny cabins are available. 

Raku Firing


Pit Firing

IMG_1813 (1).JPG


  • Raku, Pit Firing, Obvara, and Pizza Extravaganza!
    Raku, Pit Firing, Obvara, and Pizza Extravaganza!
    Sat, Nov 18
    East Creek Art
    Nov 18, 2023, 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM PST
    East Creek Art, 12251 SW East Creek Rd, Willamina, OR 97396, USA
    Alternative Firing Day at East Creek with ALL DAY WOOD FIRED PIZZA. Pick Lunch or Dinner and fire 6-10 pots!
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